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Are you getting married soon?

My approach to video and photography is focused on a cinematographic visual. Let me transport you and convey to you all the emotion that you bring me behind the lens of my camera. Because yes, I want to tell your story as I felt without special effects.

You might think that one wedding day might look like another, but there are always elements that are unique to you. That's why I will make it unique, by looking for this little grain of sand in the bottom of the water or that smile from the stars, which will bring the touch different from other days: YOUR STORY.


In video I will know how to prolong the emotion by telling the story of the most beautiful day of your life. The film is a 4th dimension with which one can play, where one projects oneself, where one finds oneself there.


In photo I will be able to immortalize the most beautiful moments of this day, from the smile to the crying, while passing by the bursts of laughter. You will remember how magical this moment was.


Whether your wedding takes place in France, in Europe or internationally, I will make the trip, FOR YOU!

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